The Fall (The Strain Trilogy, Book 2)

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  1. The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan - Book - Read Online
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  3. The Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy
  4. Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy
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A great deal of information is covered this go around. We find ourselves taking a great many flashbacks to the past of in particular, Abraham Setrakian.

The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan - Book - Read Online

It all ties in to specific plot points in the present, but it also helps explain character motivations from the last book. Decisions that may not have seemed rational on further thought. Authors Chuck Hogan and del Toro give us plenty of new things to keep us on our tows. The first book introduced us to at least 2 or 3 evolutions of the creatures.

Look for a full review with thoughts from several of our staff; closer to the books release. The Strain book 1 of the Strain Trilogy.

The Fall book 2 of the Strain Trilogy. But alas, it was a film that was released in the winter of , where his love and perception of all things Horror would personally change him forever.

Strain Trilogy

To this day The Exorcist still gives him the heebie-jeebies. Please review the types of cookies we use below. These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Without these cookies, we can't provide services to you. These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. They alert us when OverDrive services are not working as expected. The Night Eternal. Book 3.

The Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy

The Strain. Book 1.

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More in horror. Gwenda Bond. When word gets around about an important government experiment in the small town of Hawkins, she signs on as a test subject for the project, code-named MKULTRA. The remote lab, deep in the woods, contains a mystery Terry is determined to uncover. Behind the walls of Hawkins National Laboratory—and the piercing gaze of its director, Dr. Martin Brenner—lurks a conspiracy greater than Terry could have ever imagined.

Amid the rising tensions of the new decade, Terry Ives and Martin Brenner have begun a different kind of war—one where the human mind is the battlefield. Dance of the Dwarfs. Geoffrey Household.

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A dedicated agricultural scientist, Dr. But deep in the heart of darkness, he stumbles across a terrifying nightmare of brutality and death. The behavior of the local population is odd, full of superstitions and terrors. The native villagers fear music and the night, huddling silently in their homes after sunset. They claim that evil spirits emerge from the trees at night to dance—and feed.

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As a man of science, Dr. Dawnay refuses to believe in the supernatural, yet the mystery behind the fearful beliefs draws him in. But the closer he gets to unraveling the truth, the more he begins to doubt both his science and his sanity. And soon, even in the farthest corners of the rain forest, there will be nowhere left for him to hide. A stunning example of thoughtful and thought-provoking suspense fiction, Dance of the Dwarfs is a must-read blend of science and superstition, sanity and madness—a deserving heir to The Island of Dr.

Moreau and a spiritual predecessor to the works of Michael Crichton. The First Bird: Episode 3. Matt Kearns and the remnants of the scientific team return to a ravaged America. Modern medicine has failed to halt the spread of the flesh-consuming parasite, and humans have been forced to hide, even from each other.

Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy

The First Bird: Episode 2. Book 2. The South American Boreal: one of the last truly unexplored jungles on our planet. In its dark heart is an ancient crater basin, sealed in by a living cage, making it a time capsule for an ancient, deadly ecosystem. In a masterpiece of supernatural mystery and apocalyptic prophecy, New York Times bestselling authors James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell bring to a thunderous conclusion their epic trilogy of novels set between the worlds of shadow and light, between salvation and damnation, where the very gates of Hell must be shattered to discover the true fate of humankind in… Blood Infernal As an escalating scourge of grisly murders sweeps the globe, archaeologist Erin Granger must decipher the truth behind an immortal prophecy foretold in the Blood Gospel, a tome written by Christ and lost for centuries: The shackles of Lucifer have been loosened, and his Chalice remains lost.

Similar ebooks. Prince of Thieves: A Novel. Chuck Hogan. From the author of The Strain comes a tense, psychologically gripping, Hammet award-winning thriller.